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Koken en Vrije Tijd | Kookboeken

Intuitive Cooking - Katrien Claus

€ 35,00

€ 35,00


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If you’re looking for a playful, stimulating and healthy approach to cooking, then Intuitive Cooking is the book for you, making life in and out of the kitchen more fun and easier by: 

  • helping you reconnect with your senses and intuition

  • providing you with cooking tips, tricks and ideas to keep on experimenting and creating your own recipes

  • guiding you to eat healthier and reduce your ecological “foodprint”

  • suggesting succulent sources of inspiration

Naturally, it also includes numerous mouth-watering recipes. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a meat or fish lover, a vegetarian or vegan… all of them can easily be adapted to taste! 

All sprinkled with a selection of culinary tales, both tall and truthful.

It also includes an extra fun booklet with with tons of cooking tips, tricks and ideas to keep on experimenting and creating your own recipes.

Intuitive Cooking will become your gastronomic muse, firing your imagination and intuition!

This beautifully printed, 288-page book and its accompanying booklet of 48 pages, all in English; Its fun illustrations are by Alex Zitzmann. Design by Jordi Ubanell.

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