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Muziek, Kunst en Geschiedenis | Muziek

Christmas Carols for Piano

Christina Levante

€ 15,95

€ 15,95


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In this book, you will get:
45 EASY CHRISTMAS SONGS FOR BEGINNERS — All songs have been arranged especially for beginning students. This means that all complex chords and rhythms have been simplified. Also, all the carols are kept relatively short, only one or two pages long.
INTERNATIONAL CHRISTMAS SONGS – In this book you will find many well-known Christmas carols and holiday songs, as well as some international songs famous in non-English speaking countries.
FROM EASIEST TO HARDEST – Are you tired of searching for piano pieces with the appropriate difficulty? At the beginning of this book, you will find very simple songs, and then they gradually get more challenging as the book progresses.
WITH LETTERS AND NUMBERS – All songs in this book are presented with letters above the music notes to help you know what keys to press. All songs also include finger placements (numbers) in problem areas.
LARGE PRINT – Most music notes for beginners are pretty small, so learners struggle to read them without squinting.
BONUS: FREE AUDIO FILES TO DOWNLOAD – If you are unsure how to play a piece, our audio files will help you get a feel for the melody.

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